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  • Leverages extensive data sources
  • 15% better eviction predictions*
  • Offers a fully digital experience
  • Provides access to reports in minutes

*According to TransUnion's research, ResidentScore predicts evictions 15% more often in comparison to a typical credit score in the bottom 20% score range where risk is highest. Source: https://www.mysmartmove.com

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Included reports
Full credit
National criminal background
Background check
Full credit report
National criminal report
Background check
National eviction report
Federal, state and local laws may limit or prohibit your use of and access to tenant screening reports. These laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act may require you to notify a tenant if you deny their rental application and impose other requirements. Your use of TransUnion’s SmartMove tenant screening solution is governed by TransUnion’s terms and conditions and Story has no liability and shall not be responsible for any associated pricing, costs, fees, or expenses, quality, warranties or any customer service related to TransUnion, SmartMove or the tenant screening reports. Story reserves the right to change, amend or terminate supplier relationships.

TransUnion tenant screening (FAQs)

What is tenant screening?

We are excited to provide a source of tenant screening through TransUnion SmartMove. TransUnion SmartMove is an online service that enables landlords to obtain key consumer reports, without compromising the privacy or security of the prospective tenant's personally identifying information. The service is provided to you directly by TransUnion Smart Move and is subject to its terms.

How much does it cost?

With the coupon code on the Story by J.P Morgan platform, TransUnion’s reports are available for $10.50 per screening.

How do I access the tenant screening promotion?

Fill the form here and you will get the code.

How long will it take for landlords to receive the results of the screenings?

Subject to the TransUnion terms of service, Landlords should receive the screening results within minutes, after a prospective tenant submits their required information.

Does the coupon code expire?

The coupon code is dynamic and is updated regularly. We encourage you create a free story account and get ongoing access to the coupon code.

Can landlords and tenants use the Transunion discount?

Yes, both landlords and tenants can use the coupon code.

What reports are included in the bundle?

For properties in NY, TransUnion SmartMove offers 2 reports as part of their bundle:

  • Full Credit
  • National Criminal Background

For properties located in other states, TransUnion SmartMove offers 3 reports as part of their bundle:

  • Full Credit
  • National Criminal Background
  • National Eviction
Who pays for the service?

The landlord has options. The landlord can pay and absorb the fee, or (subject to local law) collect an appropriate screening fee from the applicant. The applicant can also pay the fee to TransUnion directly. Regardless of who pays for the service, it is important that the payer uses the discount code provided in Story to get the discounted rate.

Do the screenings impact tenants’ credit?

No. TransUnion SmartMove's tenant screening solution does not impact an applicant’s credit score.

If we have an existing Transunion account, will I be able to use the coupon code on that account?

No. The coupon code is only valid on the specific SmartMove sites that we link you to. You can find the links to the applicable SmartMove sites by following the instructions in the confirmation email we have sent to you. The coupon code will not work on the public SmartMove site.

My coupon code is not working

Please copy the latest coupon code from the site we link you to as they are rotated periodically. You can find the latest coupon codes by following the instructions in the confirmation email we have sent to you. Also, make sure you are using the coupon code for the correct SmartMove site – for example, the coupon code for qualify.smartmove.com will not work for the qualify-ny.smartmove.com site.

Do I need to enter the coupon code if the tenant is going to pay for the screening?

No. However, you will need to provide the coupon code and the corresponding Smartmove site link to the tenant directly so they can benefit from the discounted price. collapse

Need Support?

Email story.support@jpmorgan.com or call us at 1-877-344-3080