The Kleinmans’ Real Estate Journey

The Kleinmans’ Real Estate Journey

Jeff Kleinman and his wife, Jody, had been managing their family’s Los Angeles apartment buildings as a side job for years. They were ready to pass the torch to their next generation, but when they handed over the portfolio’s piles of paperwork, “I’m thinking to myself, this is insane, that I even have to have this stuff,” says Josh Woods, the Kleinmans’ nephew. 

The Kleinmans needed to find a way to make managing rent payments easier for their daughter and nephew, who would be running the portfolio while juggling full-time jobs. That’s when they found Story by J.P. Morgan. 

“We don’t have to go to the buildings to collect rent. We don’t have to get on the phone to call somebody,” Woods says. “Everything can be done from my laptop, from my phone. It’s just easy.” 

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