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Rent Hub is our easy-to-use rent collection and property management tool for multifamily landlords. Start building wealth with tools that aim to improve your cash flow and keep rent payments on time and secure.

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Complete the form and see if you qualify. Promotion for a limited time only. No software subscription fee or processing fees on Rent Hub for you or your tenants.

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Streamline your rent collection process today

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Save time

Invoicing and task automation

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Simplify management

A single dashboard for total visibility

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Strengthen Security

Payment security from start to finish

Try Rent Hub free for 12 months

Complete the form and see if you qualify. Promotion for a limited time only.
No software subscription fee or processing fees on Rent Hub for you or your tenants.

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Manage rent payments digitally

No more trips to the bank or stacks of checks on your desk. Managing rent payments is as easy as going online.

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Build and analyze your property portfolio

Assess the health of your portfolio in one view with a convenient property dashboard.

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Tenants can securely pay rent

No more lost or delayed rent checks with secure, online payment options.

Get started in 3 easy steps

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Invite tenants and collect rent

Try Rent Hub free for 12 months

Complete the form and see if you qualify. Promotion for a limited time only.
No software subscription fee or processing fees on Rent Hub for you or your tenants.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much do Story and Rent Hub cost after the free promotion?

The Story platform will continue to remain free. The Rent Hub tool is free for 12 months from the signing of your property pilot agreement. There will be no transaction fees ACH, debit, or credit card for the first 12 months. Chase clients with a minimum balance will continue to enjoy free Rent Hub ACH payments after the promotional period ends.

My state is not in the approved list. What should I do?

Currently, Rent Hub is available in NY, CA, UT, IL, WA, MD, DC, VA, MA, TX, MN, WI, CO, OR, and NJ. If your state is not on the approved list, you can still sign up for Rent Hub, and we will reach out to you once your region is supported. You can also create a Story account to get a 70% discount on tenant screening and other benefits.

How long does it take for payments to process in Rent Hub?

Depending on the payment method, it can take up to 2 business days for funds to settle.

How can I get a demo?

You can submit this form, and a team member will contact you to schedule a one-on-one demo.

If I join either Story or Rent Hub, what type of support will I receive?

We pride ourselves on putting you first. If your property is in an approved state, a team member will contact you to understand your real estate goals and pain points within 3 business days of signing up for Rent Hub.

If you decide Rent Hub is a good fit, you will have a dedicated customer success executive and an additional support team to help troubleshoot with you the entire way. No long wait times, and you'll only be dealing with real people.

Feel free to contact a team member to learn more via or by calling (877) 344-3080.

How long will onboarding my property to Rent Hub take?

We'll start with an initial conversation to understand your needs and the property. After that, we'll send a questionnaire to verify your account. Lastly, adding a property to Rent Hub on average takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes.

I already use a digital rent collection tool, but I'm interested in switching to Rent Hub. Is it possible to do a mass transfer of all my units?

Yes, we have tools available to ease the burden of moving from one software to ours.

As the property owner, do I have to manage my Rent Hub account, or can I delegate this platform to my property manager?

Many busy landlords decide to appoint a delegate to manage their Rent Hub account. Whether you or the delegate is managing Rent Hub, you will receive a dedicated team to help guide and answer any questions along the way.

What other types of features are included in Story, besides Rent Hub?
Aside from Rent Hub, Story also offers the following:
  • Tenant Screening: Get up to 70% off the retail price for prospective tenant screening using credit, criminal, or eviction reports via our partnership with TransUnion.
  • Market Metrics: Get access to market data to help make informed decisions about your multifamily properties.
  • News: Stay informed with the latest industry news and insights for your neighborhood and across the country.
  • Learning: Watch videos sharing local market updates, real estate thought leadership, tips for navigating Story, and more.
  • Property Calculator: Calculate a property's estimated value using existing or assumed operational data and apply a capitalization rate.
  • Economic Data: Information on global rates, equities, commodities futures, and energy indices could impact the real estate community and your portfolio.
  • Affordability Calculator: Check if a property qualifies for loan rate discounts through the Chase Affordable Housing Preservation Program.