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What you’ll learn
Leading banking professionals will share their insights on the latest online rent management trend. You’ll also get an exclusive first look at J.P. Morgan’s new online property management platform, Story. Learn how you can streamline your real estate business management with centralized rent payments, data collection, market research, and more.

Guest speakers

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Jennifer Parker
CRE Digital Chief Revenue Officer, J.P. Morgan
With over two decades of experience in commercial banking, Jennifer Parker will share her insights on which tools to keep on your radar as you grow your business. She will present an overview of recent trends in the multifamily rental market.
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Domenick Ferrera
CRE Digital Head of Strategy, J.P. Morgan
As a multifamily property owner and industry professional, Domenick Ferrera has a unique perspective on how to leverage available data to save time and make smarter financial decisions. He will walk you through the Story experience from the perspective of a property owner and tenant.